Welcome to Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research, RK University

The purpose of the Faculty of Doctoral Studies & Research at RK University is to build university wide research culture and enabling environment that facilitates collaborative research which pushes frontiers of knowledge and enhances societal wellbeing.


The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmesof RK University are rigorous programmes offered by Faculty of Management, Medicine, Pharmacy, Science and Technology that build research capabilities of the participants for careers in academia and industry. As per the guidelines of the University Grants Commission of India, registration of a prospective research scholar is done under a full-time programme or a part-time programme. The PhD degree is awarded by RK University which is established under the Gujarat State Private Universities Act and is authorized to award degrees by UGC under section 22 of the UGC Act, 1956.

Our PhD programmesare designed to ground research scholars in disciplinary theories, frameworks, methods and paradigms and train them in identifying and questioning the existing paradigms and in reevaluation, modification and application of the theories, frameworks, methods and paradigms in solving, through interdisciplinary approaches, problems that are significant. The programmes are also designed to train research scholars to effectively communicate the findings and argue the thesis in the form of research papers and the doctoral dissertation as well asin seeking funding for the project and filing for patent wherever applicable.

Coursework & Curriculum

The coursework requirement for the PhD programmes comprises of two courses and a literature survey, enabling one to identify and solve a research problem scientifically. The programmes, in tandem with the university policy, focus on learning experience of the researcher with the goal of developing capabilities of independent thinking, evaluation and critique, leading to advancement in frontiers of knowledge, innovation, patenting and entrepreneurship. Detail about the programmes are available on the website: http://fdsr.rku.ac.in/


The assessment methods at FDSR follow the guidelines set by the University Grant Commission of India broadly as a minimum benchmark and target to build excellence.


RKU has qualified and experienced full-time research supervisors having active research agendas. Research ware at RKU comprises, J-Gate+ and APTA (American Physical Therapy Association) e- journals, repository of Doctoral, Master’s and Bachelor’s dissertations, books, magazines and journals, reference books and newspapers. RKU has robust research infrastructure comprising Bioresearch and Characterization Centre with equipment like HPLC, GC-MS, UV Spectrophotometer, Apple Macintosh lab, Media Lab, Simulation lab, Central Instrumentation Centre, Central Fabrication facility, CAD/CFX LAB, Analytical Research Laboratory etc. RKU has one of the largest animal house and herbal garden of Gujarat, which provides plant material and pre-clinical research studies and services.


Career opportunities that open for doctoral as well as postdoctoral researchers are usually in the academia but also not infrequently in industry, research organizations, think tanks and as well as in the startup ecosystem. RKU facilitates inclusion in Startup ecosystem through its incubator KS Patel Centre for Entrepreneurship, thus completing the research- innovation-entrepreneurship circle.

Beneficiaries under Research Promotion Policy